Happy New Year!!

This has been some year.  I wrote my first book. Made my first CD under my own name.  And started this, my first blog, which has been a real blast. I have to say that I haven’t gotten much feedback from you guys, though. While the stats say that there are a decent amount of visitors, there haven’t been too many comments. I’d like this to be a discussion about the state of freelancing, maybe some Q&A, however we can help people who don’t have the resources on tap.  Really, how is it going out there in freelance world? I know how I’m doing, but what about the rest of you?  It would be great to get a range of opinions, and some questions or suggestions for topics to discuss.

I hope that this has been entertaining, but more importantly, I hope it has been useful.  I know how lost I felt the first few years when I was starting out in New York, trying to get some traction in the music biz.  I had absolutely no clue and didn’t know a soul. If this blog is helping anyone out there feel like they are getting a little bit of a handle on things, I would be completely jazzed. I know I’ve gotten a bunch of endorsements on LinkedIn for blogging, so that means some people are reading this thing!

So, drop me a line.  Send a comment.  Become a follower. If you’re flush with holiday cash, visit my site and buy a book or CD.

And now, tonight’s rant. I’m in the process of redoing my website. Actually, Laura Jaeger, my graphic designer and web developer is doing it, but I’m helping, and earlier tonight I was trying to upload a bunch of songs to SoundCloud so they could be linked to the Music page of my site instead of using some wonky player app like we did last time.  So, I upload some stuff, a lot of which comes from records I’ve produced or written.  One of those songs is Pajama Party’s Yo No Se’, which was a pretty big hit, making the Billboard Pop and Dance charts, and which has been included on at least half a dozen compilations and lists of the “Greatest Freestyle Songs in History,” or whatever.  And since I was the producer, songwriter, engineer, and primary musician on the record and it more or less jump-started my career, I thought it would be a good thing to put on my site.

I’d also like to point out that this song has also been “shared” about a billion times in every way shape and form possible, and is even now on eBay on no less than FOUR unlicensed DJ compilations of THE GREATEST FREESTYLE BLAH BLAH whatevers. The funny part?  SOUNDCLOUD WILL NOT LET ME UPLOAD MY OWN SONG FOR MY OWN USE ON MY OWN WEBSITE because I am not the copyright holder.  Now I totally get that.  I am, in fact, NOT the copyright holder.  Atlantic Records is, along with Sony ATV (my publisher) and my ex-partner’s, whoever that is.  But the irony kills me.  For the last 20 years I’ve been getting screwed out of tons of Yo No Se’ royalties as all of the new media have been introduced, yet the one time I want to upload the stinking song for my own use, SoundCloud jumps in and prevents it. And I can’t upload ANY of the major label cuts I’ve written or produced for use on my own website.

As freelance professionals, all any of us have to show is our work.  It would be nice to be able to do so without so much difficulty, especially when so many other people are just stealing the stuff and profiting from it.  I’m not trying to sell anything.  I just want to be able to put it in my portfolio.

Oh well, I guess we’ll have to use some crappy player app after all.

Don’t drink and drive, everybody.  I’ll see you all in 2013.


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