Name:  Jim Klein

Occupation:  Freelance composer/producer, college professor


I’ve been freelancing as an audio engineer, musician, music producer, songwriter, and television, jingle, and film composer since the early 1980’s. For the early part of my career, I was based in New York City.  If I had to say why I thought my career was anything special and qualified me to write a book and do a blog about freelancing, I would say this: clearly, I am not a big star or household name. My career is noteworthy only in that I have been in the “major leagues” in so many different fields, and have managed to stay busy for so long.  I have produced and engineered major label and independent rock, pop and hip hop albums.  I’ve scored a studio film, and also composed “additional” and trailer music for many others.  I’ve done a lot of television work, scoring episodic television, children’s shows, and everything in between, with eight Emmy nominations and two wins.  I’ve written national jingles and underscores for Coke, AT&T, Bounty, Glad, Clearasil, and dozens more.  As a songwriter, I have had dozens of major label cuts with all kinds of artists, hitting the Billboard Hot 100, Dance, Album, Top 40, and Hot 100 Radio charts over a dozen times.  And I’ve done a bunch of regular, “pay the bills” work, too.  Karaoke CDs.  Audio for theme parks.  Songs for strippers. You name it.

So, I know how to get the work.  I know how to do the work.  And I am still out there scuffling. Just like you.


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